Air Conditioning Inspections

Air Conditioning Inspections

Since 4th January 2011, any organisation in the UK with air conditioning systems with a cooling capacity over 12kW has a legal obligation under Article 9 of the Energy Performance of Buildings Certificates and Inspections) Regulations 2007 to carry out an independent energy inspection and assessment of their system.

The ACI is not to be carried out by the maintenance company. The legislation was introduced by the Department of Communities and Local Government. TM44 Air Conditioning (AC) Inspections identify ways in which the energy consumption of existing air conditioning systems can be reduced. TM44 was originally published in 2007 but was updated and revised in 2012.

The Inspection is intended for all types of ‘comfort cooling’ (cooling for the comfort of human occupants), but it is also appropriate for air conditioning systems for some other purposes,

e.g., Server Rooms. It is not intended to cover dedicated process cooling systems or systems that serve chilled distribution warehouses, or production and manufacturing facilities. Were systems provide air conditioning for both process and comfort cooling, only that part which provides comfort cooling will be inspected. It is important to note that central air handling plant, cooling towers, chillers, condensers and coolers, local heat recovery ventilation units, and their controls are also included in the inspection report.

In the UK, the air conditioning system in a building also includes groups of units that are individually of less than 12kW cooling capacity but have a combined cooling capacity greater than 12kW. For regulatory purposes, the cooling capacity of an AC system is defined as the ‘sum of all the individual cooling units under the control of one building owner or operator’.