At Fusion Power Solutions Ltd we understand how difficult and expensive it is to pay out upfront large lump sums for various energy services to help with projects such as Net Zero.

That is why we like to help our clients where possible with funding, asset finance, grants and loans.

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Procurement through your energy accounts can help generate funds to implement new technologies or upgrade existing equipment. 

This method of funding relies on brokering new energy contracts for you over a fixed period of time.  

Fusion Power Solutions will assess the requirements on site to understand where energy can be reduced by the implementation of new equipment. 

Once the new solution is installed the  savings will begin. 

This method of funding usually means the client has zero costs for us to install the energy solutions and savings can be instant. 

Financing new energy solutions can also be cost neutral in most cases. 

For example, a new energy efficient LED Retrofit may cost £12,000 to fit and have a monthly cost of £200 over 60 months, However if the efficiency of the new LED lighting is enough to reduce the monthly Electricity bills by £200 then there’s a neutral financial impact. 

Dependant on various outcomes the costs could be slightly negative or positive. 

With asset finance for energy efficient equipment the client will also have the added benefit of the governments ECA scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowance) where you can deduct the full cost from your profits before tax in year one. 

Please seek independent financial advice regarding the ECA scheme.

Throughout the UK there is a variety of regional funding available for energy efficient installs for commercial projects.

Fusion Power Solutions keep up to date with availability of such funds and continually search the market for the availability of additional funding schemes.