Energy is a must to the running of any business, because energy prices fluctuate daily, buying energy at the right time is critical to meeting your budgetary needs.. That’s why at Fusion Power Solutions we have the solution for every procurement challenge, ensuring that your business can be confident when buying energy.

If your objective is budget certainty, budget improvement, price optimisation or a combination of all three, our team of experts can lead you to procurement success.

Working across all the utilities including electricity, gas and water.

At Fusion Power Solutions we take the time to understand your needs and develop a solution that aims to help you control your costs and generate long-term savings.

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The aim for any business is to secure the most appropriate and economically advantageous supply contract.  Our Procurement team offers a vast amount of experience when it comes to negotiating supply contracts.  Acting wholly independent of any suppliers, we use our market analysis insight and negotiation skills to ensure we enter the market at the optimum moment and find the right deal for you.

Our services include:

  • All utilities including electricity, gas and water
  • Analysis of your usage and energy supply needs and an agreed tendering plan
  • Monitor all wholesale energy market drivers and prices to determine the optimum market entry point
  • Send Invitation to Tenders (ITTs) to an agreed range of suppliers meeting Inspired Energy’s and our client’s selection criteria
  • Access to our bespoke and exclusive T&Cs to deliver cost and operational benefits
  • Use our pre-negotiated and risk managed flexible procurement solutions if appropriate to generate additional cost and management benefits
  • Include in ITTs any client specific requirements such as green energy, AMR, payment terms
  • Provide full offer analysis including contract term, price transparency and T&Cs for every ITT we send
  • Deal with all site objections and registrations
  • Manage and monitor compliance for the supply contracts and uphold supplier performance levels on behalf of our clients

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Fixed price, fixed term contracts remain a popular choice for energy consumers seeking budget certainty and no surprises. We have extensive experience in negotiating fixed price contracts on behalf of clients for the following reasons:

  • Complete independence from suppliers ensuring a wide spread of offers including fully fixed and pass through products
  • A highly competitive tender to maximise competition between suppliers using accurate usage data to improve validity
  • Support in interpreting pricing information and deciding when to commit to a supply contract using our market analysis expertise
  • Detailed Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents and Post Tender Reports
  • Fast analysis of quotations to speed up acceptance
  • On-going support including consideration of non-commodity cost management plus daily market commentary; bi-monthly market reports and policy updates

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We specialise in structuring, managing and implementing successful long-term flexible, risk managed solutions. More energy consumers are taking advantage of flexible products as a way to protect themselves against volatile energy markets and generate cost savings, particularly when compared to traditional fixed price products.

Beginning with the development of your Risk Management Strategy (RMS), you can fix, trade or sell back energy to spread the risk of buying your total requirement. Using our expert risk managers, who have total visibility of the wholesale energy markets, we can help you buy your energy with total confidence and balance all the risks and rewards of energy commodity procurement.

Our comprehensive approach to flexible procurement includes:

  • Choice of bespoke flexible supply contracts including our Multi Client Management (MCM) Portfolios
  • Your own Risk Management Strategy tailored to your procurement objectives and appetite-for-risk
  • Exclusive price optimisation services for enhanced market engagement
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or seasonal purchase periods, including sell back
  • Access to leading-edge news, technical analysis and statistical models to provide clear views on market behaviour and future movements
  • Weekly market commentary, budget and trading reports

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Save up to 25% off your water bills by switching supplier. It’s time to take advantage of the open water market.

There are some real benefits to be gained by businesses that engage in the water market which opened in 2017.

Finding the best option for your business can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. We can help make sure that you’re taking the optimum approach.

Switching to a better deal or setting your organisation up as a self-supplier can bring unique benefits to your business.

Our highly experienced water team can help you secure the optimum water supply contract.

As well as helping you to simplify invoicing with our bill validation and audit services – ensuring you always get it right!

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