Market Research and Intelligence

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The foundation of our successful procurement solutions is the thoroughness with which we monitor and analyse global energy markets and form knowledgeable views on those markets. Specialist trade and national news publications such as Platts, Bloomberg and Reuters regularly seek our opinion on the market, reinforcing our position as a leading advisor to business energy consumers.

Our market research and intelligence expertise supports the development and implementation of the procurement decisions for our clients as well as aiding forecasting and budgeting reports.

The team does the following:

  • Delivers global energy market analysis, forecasts, outlooks and research
  • Performs fundamental and technical analyses
  • Quantifies market and price risk in global energy markets
  • Prioritises key information to tell clients what’s important and why

To share our outlooks and analyses, we deliver regular and meaningful market information reports:

  • Daily & Bi-Monthly Market Snapshots that keep you appraised of market price changes and events
  • Special Market Reports including changes to policy and regulation, non-commodity costs, market disruptions and long-term outlooks
  • Regular webinar events with market outlooks