Terms of Business

  1. We work with a large number of selected suppliers when providing our services.
  2. Our services are either paid for by these selected suppliers when you enter into a contract with one of them in relation to your supply or by a fee agreed directly between you and ourselves
  3. When authorised by you pursuant to your letter of authority we will contact our selected suppliers in order to present you with options for your selection of supplier
  4. We are not your agent for the selection of supplier or for entering into your contract
  5. Our income per contract varies based on market conditions at the time of entering into the contract and the specific characteristics of your consumption patterns and is only known after the contract has completed
  6. We try to maximise our buying power with suppliers for the benefit of our qualifying clients.  Where this is possible this benefit will be shared with the clients on 50:50 basis and you will be notified of any benefit to be received annually
  7. In the event that you wish to know the precise level of the commission received in relation to your contract please contact your dedicated Account Manager
  8. You agree that all documents produced or received by us in connection with providing our services to you are owned by us.  We may agree to provide you with copies of some or all of these documents upon written request, subject to your written agreement not to disclose any such documents and/or the information contained within them to any third parties without our prior written consent.  Depending on the nature of your request this may incur an administration fee